Bhisham Sahni Books


Bhisham Sahni Books

 Bhishma Sahni ji was a great writer of Hindi literature, a famous screenwriter and a great actor, who was compared to Premchand.  He used very easy language in his creations.  His naturalness was evident in his works, he is also considered one of the important pillars of modern Hindi literature.

Bhisham Sahni Books

The first great writer of India-Pakistan partition, Bhishma Sahni ji was an English teacher as well as he used to do business.  After independence, when India-Pakistan was partitioned, he came to India and here he started writing in letters.

 Let me tell you that he wrote his novel "Tamas", based on the partition of India-Pakistan, this novel is one of his most popular novels and due to this novel he got recognition as a great writer in Hindi literature.

 In this novel, Bhishma Sahni has described the riots during the Indo-Pak partition with great ease and understanding.  Along with this, Bhishma Sahni ji has also described communalism very beautifully in this novel.

 At the same time, on his famous novel Tamas, director Govind Nihalani also made a TV serial, which was well liked by the people.  At the same time, this serial was one of the best serials in the history of TV.

 Apart from being a famous screenwriter, novelist and litterateur, Bhishma Sahni had also made his mark as a good actor.  He had performed well in many films including "Little Buddha", "Mr. and Mrs. Iyer", Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho.

 Bhishma Sahni ji was a man of versatility.  He was not only a good writer, famous litterateur and actor but also a politician.  Before Independence, he was also an active activist of the Congress Party and later he was also associated with the Communist Party for a long time.

 Bhishma ji's Basanti, Jharokhe, Madhyadas ki Mandi etc. were famous novels and among the famous stories are Pali, "Amritsar Aaya Hai", "Chief's feast", "Sag Meat" etc., while his famous plays include "Hmnush"  And "Kabira Khada Bazaar".

 In 1998, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan for his outstanding contribution to literature and in 2002 the Sahitya Akademi fellowship.

 Bhishma Sahni ji is considered the leading author of the tradition of Premchand in literature.  He was a supporter of human values ​​and never let negative ideology dominate him.

 He was a person of very sweet nature and connected with reality, whose novels, stories, plays, autobiography and children, we tell you below, which you will also feel the ultimate happiness after reading.  The names of Bhishma Sahni's compositions are as follows

Bhisham Sahni Upanyas



 My interview


 Mayyadas ki madi


 Neelu Nilima Nilofar


Bhisham Sahni Ki Kahani

Wandering line

 My favorite stories

 fate line




 Gango ki jaya

 Catapult boy


 Chief's party

 Oh bastard!

 Amritsar has arrived


 Do goreya

 The tragedy

 Before Dying




 For the purpose

 blood related

 Made in italy





 Unique interview


 Leela Nandlala's

Bhisham Sahni Ke Natak



 Kabira stands in the market


 Complete Drama (Volume 1-2)

Bhisham Sahni Ki Atmakatha

 Balraj my brother


 Slingshot game

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