How to Learn From Everyone

How to Learn From Everyone

How to Learn From Everyone

There is only a difference of understanding and knowledge between animals and humans, human intelligence has been developed.  And he is slowly learning.

 If any person is successful in today's time, then one thing must be good that he learns all the time.  Learning is an identity of a person, because the one who is a Sikh is alive, everyone else is only looking at time in his life.

 No matter what your field is, every person needs to have a lot of things, just like a doctor should not talk well, which is taught in doctor's studies, a good salesman should have a good attitude or else no one will buy products from him.  .

 Because it is said that people buy your attitude, not your product, no matter what you sell, they don't keep it.

 So where did you learn this Attitude?  Or is the doctor asked to learn to talk well?

 The answer is, not every person learns only from books and education, you have to learn something from people and the changing environment around.

 For that you should also have the technique to learn from every person, which I am going to share in this post.

With these 5 methods, we increase our knowledge from every person

My name is Mohammad Shakeel, this is my first guest post on the Gyanpandit website, so let's start this topic.  Learn From Everyone:

First of all increase your viewing power...

Observation means how closely you see and hear things.  If you meet a person, then learn something from his way of speaking, learn something from his way of standing, go on learning from his movements and every activity.

 For this, the better your observing power, the more quickly you will understand people and learn from them.

 You will become so active while learning from every person in the bus, everywhere in the train, that you will be learning something every moment.

 You will not see laziness far and wide, laziness comes to a person when the person does not have anything interesting to do, but when you learn from every human, then you will also enjoy life.

 Connect with your field person on the internet

 Indian people are also making a lot of websites / blogs and channels on YouTube, if you want, you can also contact them and learn a lot from them.

 You can teach them by reading the articles on their written blogs or by watching every video filled with knowledge of YouTube.

 For example, if you like writing, you will find many blogs on the Internet that guide you to be a good writer.

 Learn from your loved ones as well

 It is not necessary that if you are ahead in age or in class then you know everything, it should not come to your mind that you know everything about it, because if you do this, then your knowledge will increase  Let's reduce it.

 You have to take knowledge from every human being, be alert to take knowledge at all times.

 Learn from failed people

 Haha…. !!  You must have felt strange to hear what to learn from them?

 Let me explain this thing with an example.

 Suppose you are opening a medical, and if you accept my advice from a failed medical practitioner, then you got to know that not opening medical at the wrong place should also be a good place for medical.

 Most important: Meditation aside

 If you do not have your attention on one side, you can never learn to listen to the details.  As much as your ability to focus will be good, you can understand and come out of any problem quickly.

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