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Shobha De Books

Shobhaa De's prominence remains in the nation as well as a renowned essayist abroad. Journalists of numerous nations have adulated his composition, while numerous individuals including a British litterateur have likewise remarked forcefully on his composition. For the occasion, Shobhaa de Current talks her supposition on issues and issues in a straight and exact way from Bebaki, maybe from her style of composing, today she has cut an unmistakable character in the hearts of a huge number of perusers all inclusive.

Famous writer Shobha De Books by famous writer Shobha De Books

About Shobhaa De's life at a glance - Shobha De Biography

Name              Shobha Rajadhyaksha

Birthday         January 7, 1948, Satara, Bombay,                           Maharashtra

Occupation    writer, novelist, columnist

Education      St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

Husband         Dileep Day

Children         Arundhati, Aditya, Avantika, 

Shobhaa Dey, conceived in Mumbai, has remarked on the changing connections and society in her books in an extremely wonderful way, which is a lot of loved by the individuals. Remembering the youthful age of today, he has utilized the undeterred 'Hinglinsh' (a blend of English and Hindi language) in his books. Shobhaa De is additionally remembered for the rundown of the nation's smash hits. Shobha Rajadhyaksha, prevalently known as Shobhaa De, left a profound effect on the individuals of his books Salutary Days Sultry Day, Second Thoughts Second Thoughts, Uncertain Lionsons Uncertain Liaisons, Speedpost and so forth and built up his picture as a decent author . Not just this, Shobhaa De is additionally a decent blogger and editorialist and scriptwriter. Shobha Dey's 'Politically Incorrect' Politically Incorrect in Times of India was generally welcomed by the individuals. She composes extraordinary articles on social, political and financial issues in this segment. Alongside composing articles for a few news papers and magazines, Shobhaa De scripted a few TV serials, the TV sequential "Swabhimaan" composed by her was generally welcomed by the individuals. Aside from this, she likewise facilitated hit shows like 'Force Trip' which expanded her fame much more, she additionally turned into a piece of numerous debat shows broadcast on TB and news channels and heard her exact point of view from Babaaki Laid. The colorful and straight to the point writer Shobhaa De has likewise raised numerous major issues identified with the upliftment of ladies through her books. Aside from this, he has additionally insulted the more youthful age in his books. Shobhaa De has additionally attempted her karma in the field of displaying and reporting. While preparing in the media, Shobhaa Dey has additionally done altering for film magazines like Celebrity and Society and Stardust, alongside she has composed articles for a few magazines. Shobhaa Dey is included among the best essayists in South Asia, she has composed numerous books and books, she has additionally been in numerous contentions because of her composition, however this has not influenced Shobhaa De's fame by any stretch of the imagination. How about we think about the acclaimed books and books of Shobhaa De -

Novels of Shobha De

Socialite Evenings, 1989

This was his first and controversial novel written by Shobhaa De, in which he gave his opinion on some aspects related to the life of the high-profile and upper-class people of the country.  However, this novel was a hit even after his much-debated controversy, and it was from this novel that he gained an identity in literature.

 Spouse- The Truth About Marriage, 2005 

 In this novel, Shobhaa De has put the story of the changes in the married life of the country's high class family and their changing relationships in a very beautiful way.  This is his most famous and interesting novel, you can guess from the popularity of this novel that more than 20 thousand copies were sold on the day of launching.

 List of other Shobha De novels - Shobha De Ke Upanyas

  •  Starry Nights, 1989
  •  Sisters, 1992 
  •  Sultry Days, 1994
  •  Shooting from the Hip, 1994 
  •  Small Betrayals, 1995 
  •  Second Thoughts, 1996
  •  Surviving Man, 1997 (Surviving Men: The Smart Woman's Guide to Staying on Top)
  •  Selective Memory, 1998 (Stories from My Life)
  •  Speedpost, 1999
  •  Snapshots, 1995 
  •  Strange Obsession, 1992
  •  Superstar India, 2008 
  •  Sandhya's Secret, 2009 
  •  Shobhaa Sixty, 2010 
  •  Shethji, 2012 
  •  Shobhaa: Never a Dull Day, 2014
  •  Seventy .. And To Hell With It, 2017 
  •  The Shobha Dé Omnibus, 1995 (1995)
  •  Uncertain Liaisons
  •  Popular Shobha De Books 
  •  Socha Na Tha, 1996
  •  Shobha De: The Secret to Living - Every Age, 2011
  •  Nights of the Stars, 2006 (Sitaaron Kee Raatne)

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