The successful story of Sriharsha Majety, who delivers her favorite food facility to your home!


 The successful story of Sriharsha Majety, who delivers her favorite food facility to your home!

This Doha of Rahim Das ji tells us in great detail about the life of Sriharsha Majety.

Ups and downs are a precious part of the lives of all of us. But in the race for life, he moves forward, who learns something from his small mistakes. With constant diligence and perseverance, man gets success at the right time.

Let us today know in detail about a person whose name we have rarely heard, but the contribution he has made to the lives of all of us is not unknown to anyone. He is the founder of Swiggy and ceo, Sriharsha Majety.

Sriharsha Majeti Founder of Swiggy

Sriharsha Majeti is from a business family. His father has a restaurant in Vijayawada and his mother is a doctor by profession.

Sriharsha Majeti Education

Sriharsha finished his engineering with BITS Pilani and had the opportunity to meet many new people there. For a year after engineering, he tried his luck and then studied management at Imm Calcutta. The amateur of the always-trip-around Sriharsha believes that his hobby taught him many teachings of life and helped him in his professional life.

Sriharsha Majety Career

In 2007, Sriharsha Mejeti took a job at London Bank and came back and saw the world of online shopping in India. His inspiration for Sriharsha Majety is the founder of the Red Bus, Fazendra Sama. Sriharsha, along with one of his colleagues Nanda Reddy, tried a distribution and loading software called bundle.

Achieve victory over challenges

None of the online sellers knew of The Online Seller's Biggest Challenge of Distribution. To do all this, they needed a technology partner, and none of their friends were willing to take risks in this new venture.

By the time the software was ready, all the online sellers had their own distribution software. That is why the bundle closed under one year of its inception.

After his first failure, He did not have Sriharsha Thame and started preparing for his second software. But this time they changed their way of sleeping. He evaluated that humans are very dependent on technology and wants every facility to be sitting at home, now whether it is to call a vehicle to go or to ask for food without sitting at home, and the same sonch set up Swiggy- Swiggy.

Swiggy Startup Story

Swiggy is an online food order and delivery start-up which was established in August 2014. The headquarters of Swiggy is established in Bengaluru. This website is a precious part of the busy lives of all of us today. With this software, humans can ask for their favorite food at home on just one click from their favorite restaurant.

In the absence of any other name in this area, swiggy has made its identity all over India under only four years. Swiggy is now the world's largest food order and distribution software. It has more than 5000000 subscribers and has become a known name in every household.

The first one, who started with only four distributionors, now has his own distribution. Swiggy has not only transformed the lives of all of us but has also employed hundreds of unemployed youth through this software.

Swiggy has added itself to more than 25000 restaurants and is working non-stop in a total of 13 states of India. The point to note is that this fame did not get swiggy overnight. Before achieving any success, we must know that learning from our mistakes and trying not to repeat them is the door of success.

Sriharsha Majety believes that man should not be discouraged by his failures but should move forward with a hidden experience in every failure.

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