This great man is Michael Dell Technology


 This great man is Michael Dell Technology

A model of modern development is Dale Technology Company. Today it is quite popular all over the world, but behind this a man's hard efforts are hidden. The name of that great man, Michael Dell. Today this company's computers are at their peak. Let's know the interesting story of Michael Dale's life.

This great man is Michael Dell Technology

Michael Dell Childhood

Michael was born on 23 February 1965. Michael's birthplace is the city of Houston, USA. His father was Kama Alexander Dale, who was a successful dentist in the US by profession and his mother's name was Lungfan, a staff broker.

Both parents were earners, which forced Michael to be financially. Since childhood, Michael was a student of inquisitive nature, he was not like other children of his age. Michael used to spend much of his time learning.

Michael Dell Education

Michael earned his early childhood education at Herod Elementary School in Houston, and during his schooling, he continued to learn investment and business qualities from his mother.

Due to which his trend was bigger for business and he started investing. When he was ten years old, he started collecting whatever pocket money he would get from his parents.

At an early age, the ghost of depositing money on Michael had become so ingrained that he started selling postage stamps to earn money. He had deposited $ 2000 at the age of 12.

Michael Dell Success Story

On the road to success, he invested his deposit key in shares and metals. Due to which he had a huge profit of $ 18000.

His profits were more than the year-end earnings of his history and economics teacher. At such a young age, he had made quite a lot of progress, due to which his parents also used to do one day and night to fulfill their every wish.

When a computer named Michael came into life

Michael had a great interest in the field of technology. Due to which his parents gave him a great computer at the age of 15.

But Michael began to understand his internal parts rather than understanding him from the inside, which resulted in him dividing the entire computer into several parts. Now every computer part was clearly visible.

Due to this incident, his love for computers grew more and he was spending more time with his computer now. To get a closer understanding of the components of the computer and how they work, they took another computer from another company.

Michael then did what he had done with the first computer, he also separated the parts of other computers. But in the end they added the scattered parts of that computer correctly and gave the computer the same shape as before.

Michael did something like this in college

Michael started building his own computers by collecting computer-related parts in college and Michael started selling those computers to other children living in college. Whatever computers Michael made were made keeping in mind the convenience of the people. People also liked that computer a lot, as well as Michael's assembled computers were much cheaper than other companies.

Michael left college education in the middle, gave birth to Dale Company

Michael's computers started selling so much that he interrupted his biology education and in January 1984 he created his first company called PC's limited. But the name of this company did not last long; shortly after, Michael changed the name of this company to Dale Corporation.

Dall Corporation progressed

As time progressed, the name of Michael's company started coming on everyone's tongue. The reason for this was that Dell's best technology computers and that too at very cheap prices, as well as Michael's company used to provide people with computers and other services.

This achievement was achieved at the age of 27

Michael became the Youngest CEO at the age of 27 after receiving quadrupled growth twice a day. The results of Michael's hard work are still seen today. Today, the company he created is one of the largest technology infra-structure companies in the world, with Michael Dell being the 37th person in the world.

One of the main reasons for Michael Dale's success is that the work he was interested in since childhood gave him the form of his business.

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