Tulsidas ki Rachnaye Books


 Tulsidas ki Rachnaye Books

Tulsidas ki Rachnaye Books

Tulsidas ji was the supreme poet of Indian Hindi literature, who was counted among the greatest poets of the Bhaktikal's Rambhakti branch. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, who became disinterested after his wife's objection and then spent the rest of his life in devotion to Lord Rama and became oriented to him.

 The most popular and learned Mahakavi Tulsidas of the world, through his visionary thinking, great ideas, created the most sacred epic and all the great works of Hinduism and inspired people to live an ideal life, with new thinking and experience. Inspired to move forward.

 Tulsidas ji not only composed many excellent texts like Ramcharitmanas and Hanuman Chalisa with his great ideas, but Tulsidas ji also inspired people to lead positive life with his inspirational couplets.

 His 12 works composed by His Excellency Tulsidas ji are famous worldwide, of which 6 are his most important and major compositions, while 6 are his miniature compositions. On the basis of the period and Braja language, the works of Mahakavi Tulsidas Ji have been divided into two different groups.

Tulsidas ki Rachnaye Books


 Ramcharitmanas is the most famous and the most sacred epic of Hinduism by Mahakavi Tulsidas. Tulsidas ji, who is considered to be the incarnation of Valmiki ji and the best poet of Hindi literature, was created in Ayodhya.

 Let us tell you that Mahakavi Tulsidas ji started writing this holy book in Ramnavami of Chaitra month of Hindu calendar, he wrote this epic in about 2 years, 7 months 26 days.

 Mahakavi Tulsidas ji had deep faith and devotion towards his lord Maryadit Purushottam Rama. He has described an ideal character of Lord Sri Rama in a very beautiful way in Ramcharitmanas by drowning in devotion to Lord Rama.

 Tulsidas ji, the best poet of Indian literature, has composed this epic of Hindu scripture very easily in the period language. Ramcharitmanas has shown all the philosophy of the life of Lord Rama in his works with great gentleness and love through Doha-Chaupaiyan.

 Also, let us tell you that Maharishi Valmiki, the original creator of Ramcharitmanas, is considered, but only Ramacharitmanas composed by Valmiki Ji could understand the teachings of the higher order.

 After which Tulsidas ji has mentioned the ideal life story of Lord Rama in this epic in very simple words, which makes it easy for everyone to read Ramcharitmanas.

 With this, through this book, any person can easily know about the ideal life of Lord Rama and can follow a successful life by following his ideals.


 This work of Tulsidas Ji, the great poet of Hindi literature, is one of his most famous works, which he has written in Braj language. In Gitavali, Tulsidas has described love and brotherhood in human life in an emotional way through poetry creation.


 Ram Lalanahchhu by Mahakavi Tulsidas ji is one of the miniature works composed by him, which he has written in the period language.

 Vairagya Sandipani 

 Tulsidas ji, the supreme devotee of Lord Rama and the best poet of Hindi literature, has done this in his composition by Doha and Chaupaiyan, in which he has preached devotion and happiness.


 This composition is one of the famous works composed by Mahakavi Tulsidas ji, in which he has brilliantly described the marriage of Mata Parvati and Lord Shankar, his loving practice, tenacity, indomitable loyalty etc.


 His Majesty Tulsidas ji has beautifully described the marriage of Shri Purushottam Shri Rama and Mother Sita in this work. In this, the poet Tulsidas has described in detail the preparations of Mother Sita's swayamvara, from breaking the powerful bow by Lord Rama and reaching the Ayodhya city of Mother Sita and the palace of King Dasharatha.

 Ramagya question 

 This composition of Mahakavi Tulsidas ji has been written in couplets, cantos and saptakas. In this, the poet has mixed many auspicious and inauspicious episodes of Ramkhaat mixedly.


 His Excellency Tulsidas Ji of Indian Hindi has written this work through about 573 couplets. Mahakavi Tulsidas ji has very brilliantly explained devotion and love in his work.


 This is one of the most popular and famous works of Tulsidas Ji, the great poet of Hindi literature. This poem, composed in Braj language, has been composed by the poet through a square, verses and savaiya.

 Shri Krishna Geetawali 

 Shri Krishna Geetwali is also the creation of Goswami ji. Certain episodes of Shri Krishna-Katha are the subject of songs.

 His Majesty Goswami Tulsidas of Hindi literature is one of his famous works composed in Braj language.

 This famous composition of Tulsidas ji has been written through about 61 verses, in which he has described the wonderful pastimes of Lord Shri Krishna in a very beautiful way.

 Hanuman Bahuk 

 This composition of Goswami Tulsidas Ji shows his Hanuman devotion. He wrote this composition when he was extremely ill and suffering a lot of physical anguish, and he devoutly performed devotion to Lord Hanuman without any selfishness, after which all the sufferings of the great poet were resolved.

 At the same time, there is a belief about it that by chanting the text of Hanuman Baahuk, every wish of man is fulfilled.

 Vinay Patrika 

 Vinay Patrika is one of his famous works composed by Talusidas ji, which he has written brilliantly in Braj language. Vinay Patrika, Mahakavi Tulsidas ji has a collection of about 279 strings of songs, which contain the praises of Lord Shiva, Mata Parvati, Ganesh, Hanuman, Mata Sita, Ganga Maiya, Yamuna, Kashi, Shri Rama.

 Tulsidas ji has written this work through sources and verses. Devotional and quiet juice is clearly seen in this work of the poet. Vinay has posts in Vinay Patrika, hence it is also known as Ram Vinayavali.


 Satsai is one of the major compositions of poet Tulsidas ji, which he wrote through Doho and verses. Tulsidas ji has more than 700 couplets in this composition. The Doras as well as the Soratha and Barwai verses have also been used in Satsai. Some couplets of 'Satsai' also meet his creation 'Dohavali'. The poet Tulsidas has used Shringar Raas in this composition.

Other books by Mahakavi Tulsidas  Books

  • Ramcharitmanas
  •  Barwai Ramayana
  •  Chhandavali Ramayana
  •  Kundalia Ramayana
  •  Ram Shalaka
  •  Redress
  •  Karkha Ramayana
  •  Rola Ramayana
  •  Swing
  •  Chappay Ramayana
  •  Kavitta Ramayana
  •  Kalidharmadharma formulation
  •  Hanuman Chalisa

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